TULPA obscure w/ MAGDA

TULPA obscure w/ MAGDA

Tulpa is a limited group of young, self-taught musicians, visual artists, poets and philosophers, who believe the synchronization of the collective creative mind. It is an infinitalized homage to contemporary music and visual poetry. 

After our two neutralizations, we’re back with a worthy sequel to continue our endless journey. This time we'll take over one of Budapest's longest established legendary clubs, that has been moved to a new location. For this occasion we invited one of the most innovative artists, Magda. Her touring schedule is amongst the most high-profile and demanding around. She's proved herself as a consistent, adventurous and top-quality performer, with a knack for bringing tracks together in unexpected ways. 


Magda /usa, perm-records/
Andras Toth LIVE 
Giash /Plaisir Records/
Tsu /Radiozora/


Magyar Űrhajógyártó Vállalat by Retkes Máté



Early-bird /limited/ 3000 huf SOLD OUT
Pre-sale /limited/ 3500 huf
On site 4000 huf



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